If you read my previous blog post, “Becoming an Independent Researcher and getting published in ICLR with spotlight,” you will know how much I struggled to enter the world of machine learning research. However, you will also know my struggles ended on a positive note, “there is light around the corner,” or so I thought. Well, it is complicated. — Vancouver, Canada

A real story of having succeeded, to then have promises broken and dreams crushed, and feeling sorry for yourself when others have it worse.

Picture of my computer with the HTML code for my distill.pub publication. Background is a window showing Tokyo, Japan.
November 2018. Finishing my first publication, “Visualizing memorization in RNNs,” published in distill.pub. This was my first publication. I thought that and a Master's degree in Machine Learning would be enough to get a Research Software Engineer position; I was very wrong! — Tokyo, Japan

Why I became an Independent Researcher, why you should avoid it, and advice for those who make the difficult choice anyway.

Andreas Madsen

Ph.D. Student at Mila, researching interpretability for Machine Learning because society needs it. Published in Distill, SEDL|NeurIPS, and ICLR (spotlight).

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