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  • Matiur Rahman Minar

    Matiur Rahman Minar


  • Hammad Ayyubi

    Hammad Ayyubi

  • Svetlana Levitan

    Svetlana Levitan

    Soon to be open for new opportunities. Analytics software engineer and technical lead for many years. Meetup organizer, conference presenter, inventor, mentor.

  • Jason Chin

    Jason Chin

    Common thing in the following subjects: physics, computation, bioinformatics, systems bio., software, engineering? -- A curious mind. The opinions are my own.

  • 汤昊成


  • Senthilkumar Gopal

    Senthilkumar Gopal

    Manage Seller Marketing at eBay.com. Love to code and solve hard problems. Blogs about code at http://sengopal.me & photographs at http://500px.com/sengopal

  • Syed Mostofa Monsur Dipto

    Syed Mostofa Monsur Dipto

  • Kkhoot


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